Catching Up with Jason

Some of you reading this are new here.

Some of you have been around for a while reading my bullshit.

Regardless, it has been a while since I really dug into the world of NAIA football on this level so I thought it would be prudent to catch you up on why the hell am I doing this again.

Over the last ten years, I never really stopped doing it. But I’m a psychopath when it comes to being up to date on the latest information on NAIA football. From 2002 to 2012, there wasn’t a thing going on in NAIA football that I wasn’t aware of. Coaches leaving, coming, players transferring etc etc. I was THE GUY, guru if you will, for NAIA football.

But as life happens, I needed a change. And I actually needed to make a living for myself. So the business was sold and I changed from NAIA media to NAIA college athletic administrator. That lasted a whopping 18 months before I fucked up very badly and was resignafired. (That’s the term I use because factually, I signed papers and resigned. But I was very, VERY much going to be fired. And I should have been. I’ll talk more on that down the road, maybe. Just know two things: 1. I take full responsibility for my actions. 2. I’m sorry.)

Moving on. After that, I was in this weird world of not wanting to be in the public light, not wanting to be associated with college athletics, having no job, trying to keep my life from spiraling out of control but still very much having a passion for NAIA football while needing a new career and start on life.

So behind the scenes I followed games, talked to coaches and kept up on everything that was going on while learning a new trade. I continued in my role selecting the top center in small college football for the Rimington Award. I even tried a few years back to revive my NAIA football life with “Road to the Chipper” but life happened again.

When I started “Road to the Chipper” I was working my new job in Mankato, MN and thought it would be the perfect time to dive into a new gig. About one month after starting the site, work came calling and a new job within the company. So, I had to move and focus on building the culture at my new gig. This led me to having to take care of a whole bunch of new responsibilities and travel. So, covering NAIA football was not a priority. And I did not feel like I could do either gig justice. So it was an easy decision to focus on the gig that pays the bills vs my side gig.

But all during this time, I kept up with the results, games, top players etc etc. I followed the NAIA the same way you probably followed your favorite NFL franchise. You know the facts, you know whats happening. . .but you aren’t exactly going to blog on it. Well. . .some of you might. . .and it was probably really bad.

Much like how my blogs on NAIA football the last couple of years would have been. I couldn’t cover the level with any degree of passion and would have just been depressed with the content and stories I was putting out.

But as I looked across the landscape recently and there was one thing that irked me about NAIA football coverage: Lack of original content.

Everyone was just regurgitating game stories, polls and players of the week while passing it off as “new content”. It is my hope that everything on this site can be considered original content. If someone has a worthwhile article where they actually did a little research, hell yeah I’ll look into that. For instance, the FootballScoop recently did the top NAIA coaching destinations. I read it, I didn’t agree with it but it is worth posting and starting the conversation.

That’s why I’m going to do a podcast. That’s why you will probably see some dumb ass videos of me and horrible efforts at Youtube. Fans of NAIA football need new content the way I need to eat massive amounts of random food on Snapchat and then review it as if anyone cares. Start a conversation about NAIA football. Don’t just spit out results.

I will warn all of you. . .it is not my intent to appeal to the masses of the NAIA. My language, bias and general “me” is going to turn some people off. These are the same people who did not support VSN in the early days because of the language some people used on the message boards.

Ouch. . . .sorry my eyes were still rolling into the back of my fucking skull on that one.

Athletic Director: “I can’t believe you allow that sort of trash on your web site!”

My Brain: “It shouldn’t be that hard to believe. You hired Coach So-N-So as your head coach and he’s garbage.”

Actual Me: “Yes sir, I’ll delete it right away sir. Please like me, please like me.”

I’m getting off subject, shocker. The point of this post is to basically let you all know how I got here and the general plan for what I am doing. I’ve never stopped being passionate about NAIA football. I just didn’t have the time to put out a product that I wanted my name tied to. Hopefully, I’m able to do that now.


  1. Barry Fouts says:

    Took your advice on original content. Check out blog tomorrow. BF

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