Craig Mattick Walks Away From Radio.

(L) Mike H. and (R)Craig M.

Craig Mattick is the man and is one of the reasons why the Victory Sports Network and my career of covering NAIA sports was able to exist. It’s sad to see him walk away from radio, but after COVID related cuts took away his job with KWSN I hate to say it’s not surprising.

Craig announced today on his personal Facebook that after 45 years he would be stepping away “from a great life in radio.” While I don’t know all the details, it sounds like he will still be be in the world of broadcasting through South Dakota Public Television.

So imagine starting a sports media business in 2002 covering NAIA football. I was still working in radio myself and trying to grow what was I started gathering the names of every radio show and sports editor that I could find and then blasting countless emails to them.

Enter “Sports Talk with Craig and Mike.” on KWSN in Sioux Falls.

It probably helped that Mike Henriksen spent a little time at Dana College, much like myself. But Craig was also very welcoming to having an “NAIA expert” on the show. (Basically, I was the only guy willing to talk on a radio show from a national perspective. And even though I was full of shit, they let me come on.)

From 2002 to 2010, I became a regular on “Sports Talk with Craig and FILL IN THE BLANK” (John, Bob, I think another guy, then John again.) They allowed me to talk at length about NAIA football on a nearly weekly basis in the fall. Without that show and without Craig, I would have had a hell of a lot tougher time building my business.

There was even a few times he allowed me to sit in the co-host chair in studio, obviously not during a ratings book.

It’s definitely sad to see one of the mainstays of Midwestern Sports Talk Radio walk away, but I’m very happy Craig was around all those years to bring people together.

As for his former radio employer, Midwest Communications. . .this is the sort of thing that is killing your industry and driving more and more people to the world of podcasts. You have no local identity. Hopefully you at least bring Gaskins back.

Thanks for everything Craig, see you around.

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