Chip’s Picks for September 12th

Week One of NAIA Football 2020

Ahh yes, Chip’s Picks. The most polarizing weekly feature in the history of NAIA football returns after a (no idea how many) year hiatus. Before I unveil the picks. . .a few house keeping items.

  1. I (Jason Dannelly) am Chip. I always have been. There has never been an effort to conceal my identity. My nickname for a very long time has been, Chip. When I created this feature back in 2002 more of my friends from the college football world knew me as Chip than Jason. Chip’s Picks just had a good sound to it.
  2. The games I am picking below are being pulled from NAIA DakStats schedule. If your team has a game missing, then it wasn’t on the official DakStats NAIA Football Schedule. Given the whole COVID 19 state of games being postponed and cancelled I have found this will be the easiest way to track who is actually playing week to week.
  3. Don’t yell at me if your game isn’t on this list. Call your school and tell them to get their schedule on DakStats updated. It’s not that hard.

Sure, I kinda say “the most polarizing weekly feature in the history of NAIA football” a bit tongue and cheek, but there is also some validity to that statement. Back in the day (which was a Wednesday) I would put out my picks and the old site would blow up with comments. I’ve been called a dip shit more times than I care to admit over these picks. I’ve literally had coaches thank me for picking against them because they used it as motivation for their team.

BUT I’ve also been called a lot nicer things than that over the years.

The one game I still remember picking and getting national attention over was the University of Sioux Falls and their upset over the University of North Dakota on October 17, 2009. USF defeated UND, 28-13. I literally did national interviews that Saturday night and Sunday because I was the only person with a media credential (not tied to Sioux Falls) who picked them to win.

So without further ado, here’s the first kinda week of NAIA football in the year of the COVID Chip’s Picks and stuff.

Morningside (Iowa) Northwestern (Iowa) 7:00 PM – Duh. Seriously, look at the schedule. You show me a better game. It’s the defending champs against the closest thing they have to a rivalry in the GPAC. (Don’t @ me Briar Cliff). This game should be on national TV, but thankfully that doesn’t matter anymore and we can watch it on the internet.
Morningside 35 Northwestern 17

The Rest of the Schedule (Winners in BOLD in case you can’t figure that out. Home team listed first.)
Midland (Neb.) vs Dordt (Iowa) 1:00 PM
Baker (Kan.) vs Graceland (Iowa) 1:00 PM
Presentation (S.D.) vs Valley City State (N.D.) 1:00 PM
Hastings (Neb.) vs Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) 1:00 PM
Mayville State (N.D.) vs Waldorf (Iowa) 1:00 PM
Webber International (Fla.) vs Warner (Fla.) 1:30 PM
Keiser University vs Florida Memorial 1:30 PM
Missouri Valley vs Culver-Stockton (Mo.) 2:00 PM
Dakota State (S.D.) vs Dickinson State (N.D.) 2:00 PM
Evangel (Mo.) vs Clarke (Iowa) 2:00 PM
Doane (Neb.) vs Concordia (Neb.) 6:00 PM
Sterling (Kan.) vs McPherson (Kan.) 6:00 PM
Kansas Wesleyan vs Friends (Kan.) 6:00 PM
Southwestern (Kan.) vs Tabor (Kan.) 6:00 PM
Ottawa (Kan.) vs Oklahoma Panhandle State 6:00 PM
MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.) vs William Penn (Iowa) 6:00 PM
Southeastern (Fla.) vs Ave Maria (Fla.) 7:00 PM

Who thinks I should put actual point spreads on these games?

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