NAIA Football Top 25 Preseason Poll by Jason Dannelly

Photo of the Mustangs winning. This photo is completely stolen from Morninside’s web site.

Is Dannelly back? Will there be “Chip’s Picks” this year? Are you doing a podcast?

I doubt it. Like every year, I want to write and cover the NAIA again. I want to attend the games. I want to promote the greatest level of college football in the world!

And then, life gets busy. So I watch the season. . .talk to some coaches and administrators. . .and then never have time to write or post anything. Here I go again! Fool me once. . .something something. . .10 years later and I’m still giving it a go. Here’s a look at my preseason NAIA football poll. Seriously, the top three teams are from Iowa. No, not the top three Pioneer Corn Hybrids. Not the top three pork producing farms. . .the top THREE football team in the NAIA reside in Iowa. As a Nebraska native, it pains me to see this. Like, take a leak on an electric fence sort of pain.

Anyway, here’s my rating:

  1. Morningside (Iowa)
  2. Northwestern (Iowa)
  3. Grand View (Iowa)
  4. Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
  5. Marian (Ind.)
  6. Reinhardt (Ga.)
  7. Keiser (Fla.)
  8. Concordia (Mich.)
  9. Ottawa (Ariz.)
  10. Saint Xavier (Ill.)
  11. Southwestern (Kan.)
  12. Kansas Wesleyan
  13. Georgetown (Ky.)
  14. Dickinson State (N.D)
  15. Indiana Wesleyan
  16. Baker (Kan.)
  17. Central Methodist (Mo.)
  18. Montana Western
  19. Rocky Mountain (Mont.)
  20. Dordt (Iowa)
  21. Valley City State (N.D)
  22. Culver Stockton (Mo.)
  23. Faulkner (Ala.)
  24. Arizona Christian
  25. Benedictine (Kan.)
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