KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Three KCAC football teams were ranked in the Top 20 in the latest edition of the NAIA Football FirstDown PlayBook Coaches’ Poll, the national office announced Monday. Southwestern and Bethel held firm at the same rankings they held in the previous edition of the poll, with the Moundbuilders staying at No. 6 and the Threshers remaining at No. 14. Kansas Wesleyan moved up to No. 16, two spots higher than their previous ranking.

The next edition of the NAIA Football FirstDown PlayBook Coaches’ Poll will be released Monday, October 3.

Poll Methodology

The poll was voted upon by a panel of head coaches representing each of the conferences.Each conference is given one rater for every four schools in the league.The Top 25 is determined by a points system based on how each voter ranks the best teams. A team receives 25 points for each first-place vote, 24 for second-place and so on through the list.The highest and lowest ranking for each team (a non-rating is considered a low rating) is removed and the team’s ranking will be recalculated with an additional point added to each team for every ballot (including discounted ballots) that the teams appear on.Teams that receive only one point in the ballot are not considered “receiving votes.”For the complete Top 25 calendar, click here. RANKLASTSCHOOL [FIRST-PLACE VOTES]CONFERENCERECORDFINAL POINTS11Morningside (Iowa) [18]Great Plains3-041822Grand View (Iowa)Heart North5-040233Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Mid-South4-038044Northwestern (Iowa)Great Plains3-136855Marian (Ind.)Mid States East3-035966Southwestern (Kan.)Kansas Collegiate4-033677Ottawa (Ariz.)Sooner4-032588Georgetown (Ky.)Mid-South4-0306910Indiana WesleyanMid States East2-1263109Reinhardt (Ga.)Appalachian3-12581111College of IdahoFrontier4-02551212Benedictine (Kan.)Heart South4-12531313Bethel (Tenn.)Mid-South4-02391414Bethel (Kan.)Kansas Collegiate4-02071515Concordia (Mich.)Mid States East1-21651618Kansas WesleyanKansas Collegiate3-11641719Midland (Neb.)Great Plains5-01571820Roosevelt (Ill.)Mid States West3-01551922St. Thomas (Fla.)The Sun4-11322025Rocky Mountain (Mont.)Frontier3-19421NRMontana TechFrontier3-1712216Saint Francis (Ind.)Mid States East2-16523NRSaint Xavier (Ill.)Mid States West2-26324NRCarroll (Mont.)Frontier3-13625NRLangston (Okla.)Sooner4-031

Dropped From Poll: Montana Western; Southeastern (Fla.); Waldorf (Iowa)

Receiving Votes: Texas Wesleyan 23; Montana Western 22; Keiser (Fla.) 21; Southeastern (Fla.) 17; Waldorf (Iowa) 16; Dickinson State (N.D.) 14.

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