[Football] Edson, Garcia, and Medrano Earn KCAC Football Weekly Honors

Football El Paso, Texas

Medrano was responsible for the decisive points in the Moundbuilders’ win over McPherson College on Saturday, as he drilled a 45-yard field goal. He also connected on both of his PAT attempts and punted for 84 yards on two punts, averaging 42 yards per attempt. One of his two punts was a 50-yard kick that was downed inside the Bulldogs’ 20.

KickinggpfgmfgapctlgxpmxpapctptsOct 1 vs. McPherson W, 23-22 *111100%4522100%5Conference111100%4522100%5Overall111100%4522100%5 Puntinggppuntydsavglgin20fctbblkOct 1 vs. McPherson W, 23-22 *128442.0501000Conference128442.0501000Overall128442.0501000 Scoringptspts/grushreckrprintfumxpmfgm2ptmiscOct 1 vs. McPherson W, 23-22 *55.00000002100Conference55.00000002100Overall55.00000002100

Previous Winners:

Week 1 (Sept. 5): Nicholas Allsman, Kansas Wesleyan (Offensive)

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