Presentation College (S.D.) to Close. PC Saints Football Era Over.

Presentation College of Aberdeen, SD announced today that it will not enroll students for the 2023-24 academic year and will cease educational operations at its Aberdeen campus after the Spring and Summer 2023 sessions. Three Teach-Out Agreements with other higher educational institutions are in place to provide complete credit acceptance and comparable net tuition costs for current students. Employees will be provided staggered end dates and final compensation based upon their responsibilities.

Presentation football only existed from 2011-2022. Like most new programs, they went through their share of hard times. Finishing 3-8 in 2022, the Saints will likely go down as “what might’ve been” if Presentation College could’ve turned the corner with enrollment and finances. The Saints saw winning seasons in 2016 (7-3) and 2016 (6-4) but otherwise never saw their team get above .500.

I’ve met Coach Steve Heimann a handful of times and I hope he and his staff do everything they can to get their players to new homes at other schools across the country. In the end, let’s hope everyone associated with PC can land on their feet.

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