Look, that’s me, Jason Dannelly.
Looking all official.

In 2002, I founded the Victory Sports Network as the national media for NAIA athletics. Well . . . at that time it was called NAIAFOOTBALL.NET, but I digress.

A few year’s ago I sold that company, bought it back, then sold it again to its current owner Rob Brandt. I’ve worked in the media most of my life with ventures into marketing, social media and management through the years. I do some public speaking but mostly I write, photograph or talk about things I like. I help select the winner of the Rimington Award for FCS, DII, DIII and NAIA levels of football as well.

I’ve started this site to do one thing. . .cover NAIA football. When I started years ago it was all I wanted to focus on and it’s all I intend to focus on going forward. I hope you enjoy.

How’d this web site get its name?

Pretty simple. Many year’s ago some people asked me about what I covered.

I said “NAIA Football.”

They said, “What’s that?”

I said, “It’s the other division of football.”

I found describing it this way was far easier than saying, “Well it’s like scholarship small college football, comparable to DII in some cases, but in some cases just like DIII except for there are times when the DIII schools are actually at an advantage over the NAIA but then there are times when the NAIA schools are far better because of the way the school is set up and sometimes it’s not like any of those schools at all and is its own independent thing.”

Confused enough? Yeah, so were my friends. So in simple terms. . .the NAIA is it’s own division of college athletics. Football teams can offer up to 24 scholarships. And. . .it’s pretty fun.

This web site is to encompass all that is NAIA football. Additionally, I’d like to keep the views and opinions expressed separate from those of other media sources and the NAIA national office. AKA, I don’t need to have people calling the folks in Kansas City saying “that NAIAFOOTBALL.NET web site said this and that.” They have enough on their plate that they don’t need to worry about having to be associated with some blogger trying to promote NAIA football.

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