NAIA Football Top 25 Preseason Poll by Jason Dannelly

Photo of the Mustangs winning. This photo is completely stolen from Morninside’s web site.

Is Dannelly back? Will there be “Chip’s Picks” this year? Are you doing a podcast?

I doubt it. Like every year, I want to write and cover the NAIA again. I want to attend the games. I want to promote the greatest level of college football in the world!

And then, life gets busy. So I watch the season. . .talk to some coaches and administrators. . .and then never have time to write or post anything. Here I go again! Fool me once. . .something something. . .10 years later and I’m still giving it a go. Here’s a look at my preseason NAIA football poll. Seriously, the top three teams are from Iowa. No, not the top three Pioneer Corn Hybrids. Not the top three pork producing farms. . .the top THREE football team in the NAIA reside in Iowa. As a Nebraska native, it pains me to see this. Like, take a leak on an electric fence sort of pain.

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Chip’s Picks for September 19th

Welcome to week two of the NAIA football season. I’m late with these picks but still technically early since the games aren’t played until tomorrow. Home team listed first. . .I’ll update my season stats sometime next week.

Culver-Stockton (Mo.) vs. Evangel (Mo.) 12:00 PM
St. Thomas (Fla.) vs. Southeastern (Fla.) 12:00 PM
Northwestern (Iowa) vs. Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) 1:00 PM
Midland (Neb.) vs. Morningside (Iowa) 1:00 PM
Graceland (Iowa) vs. Central Methodist (Mo.) 1:00 PM
Clarke (Iowa) vs. Benedictine (Kan.) 1:00 PM
Valley City State (N.D.) vs. Waldorf (Iowa) 1:00 PM
Doane (Neb.) vs. Briar Cliff (Iowa) 1:00 PM
Dickinson State (N.D.) vs. Mayville State (N.D.)
Keiser University vs. Webber International (Fla.) 5:00 PM
Concordia (Neb.) vs. Hastings (Neb.) 6:00 PM
Ave Maria (Fla.) vs. Florida Memorial 7:00 PM
Presentation (S.D.) vs. Dakota State (S.D.) 7:00 PM
Bethany (Kan.) vs. Kansas Wesleyan 7:00 PM
Tabor (Kan.) vs. Friends (Kan.) 7:00 PM
West Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma Panhandle State 7:00 PM
McPherson (Kan.) vs. Bethel (Kan.) 7:00 PM

Chip’s Picks for September 12th

Week One of NAIA Football 2020

Ahh yes, Chip’s Picks. The most polarizing weekly feature in the history of NAIA football returns after a (no idea how many) year hiatus. Before I unveil the picks. . .a few house keeping items.

  1. I (Jason Dannelly) am Chip. I always have been. There has never been an effort to conceal my identity. My nickname for a very long time has been, Chip. When I created this feature back in 2002 more of my friends from the college football world knew me as Chip than Jason. Chip’s Picks just had a good sound to it.
  2. The games I am picking below are being pulled from NAIA DakStats schedule. If your team has a game missing, then it wasn’t on the official DakStats NAIA Football Schedule. Given the whole COVID 19 state of games being postponed and cancelled I have found this will be the easiest way to track who is actually playing week to week.
  3. Don’t yell at me if your game isn’t on this list. Call your school and tell them to get their schedule on DakStats updated. It’s not that hard.

Sure, I kinda say “the most polarizing weekly feature in the history of NAIA football” a bit tongue and cheek, but there is also some validity to that statement. Back in the day (which was a Wednesday) I would put out my picks and the old site would blow up with comments. I’ve been called a dip shit more times than I care to admit over these picks. I’ve literally had coaches thank me for picking against them because they used it as motivation for their team.

BUT I’ve also been called a lot nicer things than that over the years.

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Craig Mattick Walks Away From Radio.

(L) Mike H. and (R)Craig M.

Craig Mattick is the man and is one of the reasons why the Victory Sports Network and my career of covering NAIA sports was able to exist. It’s sad to see him walk away from radio, but after COVID related cuts took away his job with KWSN I hate to say it’s not surprising.

Craig announced today on his personal Facebook that after 45 years he would be stepping away “from a great life in radio.” While I don’t know all the details, it sounds like he will still be be in the world of broadcasting through South Dakota Public Television.

So imagine starting a sports media business in 2002 covering NAIA football. I was still working in radio myself and trying to grow what was I started gathering the names of every radio show and sports editor that I could find and then blasting countless emails to them.

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Fall 2020 NAIA Football: Who’s Playing and Who’s Not?

I thought I’d make this real simple. This is an updated list of who has said they are playing and who is not this fall in the NAIA. If I am missing one. . . let me know. (Last update 7-21-20)

College of Idaho
Eastern Oregon
Langston University
Southern Oregon
Texas College

Who has declared (publicly) they will play or through their conference declaration:

Baker (Kan.)
Benedictine (Kan.)
Briar Cliff (Iowa)
Carroll (Mont.)
Central Methodist (Mo.)
Clarke (Iowa)
Concordia (Neb.)
Culver-Stockton (Mo.)
Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)
Doane (Neb.)
Dordt (Iowa)
Evangel (Mo.)
Graceland (Iowa)
Grand View (Iowa)
Hastings (Neb.)
Jamestown (N.D.)
MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)
Midland University (Neb.)
Missouri Valley (Mo.)
Morningside (Iowa)
Montana State-Northern (Mont.)
Montana Tech (Mont.)
Montana-Western (Mont.)
Northwestern (Iowa)
Peru State (Neb.)
Rocky Mountain (Mont.)
William Penn (Iowa)

Sources: “Only a Matter of Time Before the NAIA Football Season Is Cancelled”

Raining on the Parade.

After speaking with, emailing and text messaging several sources within the NAIA community, it has been stated that it’s “only a matter of time before the season is cancelled.”

This information does not come from the NAIA national office. Rather from some of my closely guarded sources within the NAIA’s institutions. The NAIA will not cancel the season until it is clear their threshold of 47 participants cannot be met.

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Ranking The Top NAIA Football Coaching Destinations: A Rebuttal.

Scoops on Scoops on Scoops.

Recently Doug Samuels of the wrote a ranking of the top non-FBS coaching destinations, starting with the NAIA. You can read that here.

He did a pretty decent job of running through where some of the top spots to land were if you found yourself getting a head coaching job in the NAIA. However, I considered the list to be a bit. . .predictable. Here’s my quick analysis of his top seven:

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Catching Up with Jason

Some of you reading this are new here.

Some of you have been around for a while reading my bullshit.

Regardless, it has been a while since I really dug into the world of NAIA football on this level so I thought it would be prudent to catch you up on why the hell am I doing this again.

Over the last ten years, I never really stopped doing it. But I’m a psychopath when it comes to being up to date on the latest information on NAIA football. From 2002 to 2012, there wasn’t a thing going on in NAIA football that I wasn’t aware of. Coaches leaving, coming, players transferring etc etc. I was THE GUY, guru if you will, for NAIA football.

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Well That Didn’t Take Long: Logo Secured

(Ed Bassmaster YouTube Voice) “Well would ya look at that?!? Well I’m gonna look at it. I mean, look at it”

Make a smartass joke about needing a logo. . .someone makes you a logo.

Is it crazy fancy? No.

Is it really wordy? Absolutely.

Does it fill the void of not having a logo? Probably not but I prefer to put minimal effort into this department at this time.

Thanks again to all those who make this happen. Just a monumental day. Just. . .wow.

AnYwaYz. . . .are we playing football yet?

Jason’s Podcast Archive: Bob Green, Victor Santa Cruz and Jed Stugart

This is an episode of VS Saturday from. . .2006? It features Bob Green of Montana Tech, Jed Stugart of MidAmerica Nazarene and Victor Santa Cruz of Azusa Pacific. I’m embarrassed by how excited I am on this recording.