Ranking The Top NAIA Football Coaching Destinations: A Rebuttal.

Scoops on Scoops on Scoops.

Recently Doug Samuels of the FootballScoop.com wrote a ranking of the top non-FBS coaching destinations, starting with the NAIA. You can read that here.

He did a pretty decent job of running through where some of the top spots to land were if you found yourself getting a head coaching job in the NAIA. However, I considered the list to be a bit. . .predictable. Here’s my quick analysis of his top seven:

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The Top 25 NAIA Football Programs of All-Time

texasaiWhile I can appreciate the “Big J” journalists doing their best to understand small college football, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out they are doing a terrible job.

Recently ESPN published their attempt at “The 50 best college football programs over the last 150 years.” They characterized the list as being put together as “college football’s greatest programs across all divisions” while in the same breath leaving out the NAIA. Ahh, the “Big J” journalists doing their finest work.

I’m sure they will make the argument, “Well we counted the NAIA championships for teams in DII and DIII.” But nevertheless, there isn’t one current NAIA program on the list.

Not one. Zero. Zilch. [Read more…]

“The Program” was Garbage. Time to Ruin Your Childhood.


“There’s no way this will sweat off.”

It’s been 25 years this fall since we were blessed with “The Program.” I remember going to the movie theater with my parents. At the time it was one of the most anticipated moments of my life. A real life college football movie! Tackles, YEAH! Touchdowns, YEAAHHH! Trash Talking, YEEEEAAHHHHHHHH! Face paint, FACE PAINT, YEAAHHHHHHHH.

The movie brought in 23 million dollars at the box office and nearly every person I played football with had a VHS tape of it. (Remember those?)

But let’s be honest, from a football perspective this movie is a steaming pile of garbage. I fully realize if 13 year old Jason was here right now he’d put a beat down on me. Partially due to the fact he’d be in much better shape and because I was obsessed with this movie so much I probably watched parts of it every week during my high school football career. [Read more…]

2017 Rimington Award Winners for the Nation’s Top Center for FCS, DII, DIII and NAIA Announced.


South Dakota State’s Jacob Ohnesorge Wins First Rimington Award in School History

New York, NY – Jacob Ohnesorge of South Dakota State University headlines the 2017 Rimington Award winners for the FCS, DII, DIII and NAIA divisions. This year’s selections mark the 15th time the top center of each respective level has received the award.

Ohnesorge, a senior from Waunakee, Wis. is a three-time All-Missouri Valley Football Conference honoree, earning first team honors in both his junior and senior seasons. Additionally, Ohnesorge excelled in the classroom being named to the MVFC Academic Honor Roll in 2013, 2014 and 2016. Jacob has started 53 consecutive games which ties a record for the South Dakota State University Jackrabbits and has already graduated with his degree in Mechanical Engineering.  After starting all four seasons, Ohnesorge was part of one of the best offenses in SDSU school history this year averaging 38.8 points per game.  Ohnesorge is the first Jackrabbit to ever receive the Rimington Award. [Read more…]

My Top Five Reasons Why Nebraska Football Will Never Return To Glory Unless Something Changes Other Than The Head Coach.

gates copyI knew you were thinking it.

“I wonder what that guy who used to write about NAIA football all the time and sells farm equipment now thinks about the current state of the Nebraska football program?”

Well you’re in luck! It’s cold in North Dakota today, the Bison are on the road and Nebraska doesn’t play until later. So that gives me plenty of time to throw out a bunch of polarizing ideas that will have half of my friends blocking me on Facebook and the other half rolling with laughter. Keep in mind, I’ve done zero research before writing this article.

Plus I took the under in this Mississippi State/Arkansas game and that doesn’t look promising right now. Kinda like the future of Nebraska football unless something changes, other than the coaching situation. So here you go folks! [Read more…]

NAIA FCS Predictions, Recap and a Postseason Qualification Explanation.


USF Sports Information Photo

Considering the five hours I spent yesterday on Twitter talking about the NAIA postseason as well as the selection process from the week before, I figured today would be a good day to weigh in with some thoughts. First I’ll hit on yesterday’s games and then I’ll get into the postseason selections, travel and how all that is done.

The Games

We all knew Saint Xavier traveling to Morningside was going to be interesting, we just didn’t know it would be THAT interesting. With a final score reminiscent of a basketball game, Morningside pulled it together to win 75-69. Before everyone goes off the deep end about the No. 1 seed almost losing to a lower seed you have to understand the type of season SXU had that was riddled with injuries. This weekend’s game was really the first game of the entire year where the Cougars were at full strength and it was nearly good enough to knock off the best in the NAIA. [Read more…]

NAIA Football National Championship Game Preview: Southern Oregon vs. Marian

10339739_1703721843187182_1827114446610379474_nby Jason Dannelly

Marian and Southern Oregon will lock it up this Friday in what I consider to be one of the more mysterious NAIA football championship games in recent memory. It seems like even though in recent years we had new faces in the title game everyone knew what the teams in the game were about or had seen them rise to the top of the NAIA.

Both of this year’s participants were long shots to make it to the title game at the start of the season and even bigger longshots when the season got over. But these teams showed moxy and battled their way to Daytona Beach being the first NAIA football teams to christen the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Marian is a different team with a different staff from just a few years ago when they defeated Morningside for their first ever football title. Southern Oregon is in their first football chipper ever and is a team that a few years ago many had figured would wallow in the seas of mediocrity for the foreseeable future. [Read more…]

Jason Dannelly Previews the NAIA Football Quarterfinals

560204_10152799750429477_7500933386025271825_nI’m going to be completely honest. I hate round two of the NAIA Championship Series. I hate the way it’s put together, I hate when it’s played and I hate that after umpteen years no one has done anything to change it.

Some of my argument for change goes back to what I touched on last week via twitter and the need for the NAIA and its football coaches to consider a major rewrite of the NAIA Championship Series. Just like every other division of college football, things have changed. But the NAIA is the only organization that has not made a major change to its postseason qualification since it adopted its current form in 1997.

And there isn’t a person in the world that can convince me the state of NAIA football is the same now as it was in 1997. [Read more…]